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With a diverse background in construction. From smart home automation to window and door installation. We may be the right choice for you. Showing that we care is our number one priority.

Growing up in a household with low funds and the absence of a father to provide the essential repairs in the home. Made the chores of repair fall on my shoulders. I can directly relate to the situation you may be going through. Having this responsibility at such a young age. Led me to pursue a career in construction. Being able to pass saving to home owners is the specialty I wish to pursue.

Attending Liberty University, pursuing a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering to expand the company's abilities. We can help you choose the right faucet/valve, design your kitchen/bathroom and install the products you decide on. Let us help you feel confident in the selection and installation of the items you contemplate purchasing.

C-12 Construction LLC

When we care. You Remember!