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Since I started Love Thy Plumber, I knew I wanted one thing to stand out, and it had to be Customer Service, not just “hello, how are you?” But a deeper Customer-Plumber connection. I wanted customers to be in absolute awe from when they opened the door to packing up my tools and warranting my work for years to come. I was tired of the stereotypical plumber vibe that way too many of us plumbers carry. I wanted to show the world that we are professional individuals who care deeply for our trade and how we portray ourselves in our customer’s homes. Neatness, Politeness, Respect, and promptly returning phone calls or emails seem second nature, but not to all. With Love Thy Plumber, they had to be number 1, so on your next plumbing adventure, why not be Flushed with Love? Estimates are free, so call us today for an appointment at (203) 216-8557!